How committed are you to climate change?.
How much do you know about climate change?.
Find out by playing our fun game "Wake up the frog".

  • For each question you will have several answers, you must select an answer before moving to the next question.
  • When finished, we will indicate the score you obtained.


What would happen to the Earth if the natural greenhouse effect did not exist?
  • We would come to have an average temperature of -18⁰
  • The natural greenhouse effect does not exist
  • The planet would heat up above 70º


What are the frozen areas of the planet called?
  • Lithosphere
  • IPCC
  • Cryosphere


Mark the greenhouse gas that has most presence in the atmosphere
  • Methane
  • Ozone
  • Carbon dioxide


World governments have proposed that the global warming should not go beyond a rise in temperature of …
  • The rise in the average temperature is not important


Which sector generates more emissions?
  • Agricultural
  • Transport
  • Industrial and electricity


How much rubbish does a European inhabitant generate on average in a year?
  • 350 kg
  • 1 ton
  • 3,5 tons


What are fossil fuels?
  • Those which contain carbon
  • Winds, seas and sun


How do forests benefit the greenhouse effect?
  • They trap and fix carbon dioxide
  • They absorb methane and give it back in the form of oxygen
  • They the ozone layer to recover


How do oceans affect the climate?
  • They heat up more than land
  • They have little effect
  • They cool the planet