The Earth heats up more quickly than the sea does, so the greenhouse effect is more immediate. Mankind lives on it and is the first to be affected by our misuse of resources. Let us look at some facts and figures:

Facts and figures:

  • The European Union generates 1,300,000 million tons of waste a year. 40 million of which is toxic. This means that each person in Europe, whether adult or child, generates 3.5 tons of rubbish.
  • In Europe, between the years 1980 and 2002, the number of birds in agricultural areas fell by 70%. Pesticides and herbicides are killing our birds, polluting the water we drink and destroying the soil. It needs to be made known that 100 to 2,500 years is needed to form only 2,5 centimetres of fertile soil.

What can I do to help keep our soil healthy?

  • Encourage people not to use herbicides and pesticides in the country-side.
  • Recycle rubbish, using the statutory containers. Every bottle that you recycle saves enough energy to watch three hours of television.
  • When shopping, save on containers and bags by trying not to buy pre-packed fruit and vegetables.
  • Try not to throw things away that can be repaired or used for other purposes. Be imaginitive and frugal.
  • Don’t change your mobile, computer or television until absolutely necessary. Electrical appliances generate highly pollutant residues and increase every year in our landfill sites. Batteries are also great pollutants; take them to appropriate collection points.